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Shopify Plus migration and Digital Marketing

Over 80% ROAS increase was achieved with the strategic digital marketing efforts implemented after the Shopify Plus migration.

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House of Silk

Due to a 3rd party e-commerce infrastructure used, the desired campaigns could not be prepared on the platform, experience improvements could not be made and Google Ads – Merchant Center – Product Catalog was not working properly. We needed to move an e-commerce platform, where active orders were taken and people were online, to the Shopify platform and completed the integrations without any interruption.


In order to ensure this transition without any problems, we had to develop a strategy in which different areas act together.


The structure was completed with extension stores on Shopify Plus for House of Silk, which sells in more than one country. Once we were sure that all apps and other integrations on Shopify were ready, we started the migration and continued to improve continuously.


After the Shopify migration, we managed to get over 80% revenue growth and over 43% organic traffic.